About Us

Loan & Donation of Medical Equipment

  • Different types of patients have diversified life-sustaining and life-maintaining medical equipment

  • Examples of equipment required: BiPAP (ventilator), oxygen concentrator

Wheelchair Transportation Service

  • To provide free wheelchair transportation to SMA patients

  • To facilitate patients in visiting hospitals to acquire necessary medical services and physical check-ups, as well as joining other activities

High Nutrition Supplement

  • With doctors’ and dieticians’ recommendations, high nutrition supplements are provided to needy SMA patients with swallowing and eating difficulties (e.g. milk powder and chicken soup) 

Wheelchair Donation

  • Patients mainly use wheelchairs as the mean to achieve mobility

  • Donates or loans wheelchairs to SMA patients with reference to doctors and therapists’ recommendations in the aim of increasing their mobility

Free Outdoor Activities

  • Plan gatherings or activities for patients and their family members

  • To enable patients and family members to meet and share valuable experiences

Home Based Rehabilitation Programme

  • To provide home-based therapies (e.g. physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy)

  • To teach caregivers on proper health management (e.g. stretching exercises, proper use of medical equipment)

​​Tel/電話 :  2811 1767

Fax/傳真 :  2510 7199
Email/電郵 :info@fsma.org.hk


Room 1402, 14/F, SUP Tower, 83 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong


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